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ABOUT ME ( must read)

Rich In The Mind Established In: 2016


Hello, my name is Lina, the founder and CEO of Rich In The Mind. While attending the University of Houston, to pursue a degree in business and management, is when I decided to become a full time entrepreneur, While learning the fundamentals of business and management, this inspired me in creating the Houston based company known as "Rich In The Mind.

During this period, I was not satisfied with my current status in life, therefore, I decided to make some positive changes,While making these changes I developed a formula to help others to make positive changes in their lives as well. I also felt the need to help people struggling with their development, When I learned how to change my core values, is when I began to start living the Rich In The Mind Lifestyle. This rigorous discipline included changing my eating, thinking and living habits.

I created this company to inspire those of all race, color and creed to dream big and to never quit. Our motivational clothing and accessories are made to motivate and guide those individuals who may be experiencing some of the growing pains and help them overcome those obstacles in life or just simply keep striving for continued  greatness with daily motivational reminders to stay on top of their goals. This company is here to make  individuals  become all around better people and to aim high in achieving their goals.